Anne Brewer has always been curious about how what people think and do.

  • At the age of 5 (yes, she was a very precocious child):
    • She became an insatiable reader.
    • She developed keen observation skills and analytical thinking
    • She acquired a strong intuition about human nature.

These innate talents attracted Anne to marketing and market research.


Anne was a marketing VP  before starting her firm. She performs equally well behind the glass (with executives) or in front of the glass (with participants).

  • With 20+ years of experience, Anne has moderated
    1,000+ groups and conducted numerous quantitative studies.
  • She asks the right questions, even ones the client does not contemplate, collecting essential rather than superfluous information.

In an era where businesses cannot afford mistakes, Anne employs a quant/qual methodology that substantially increases success rates for new product introductions, such as:

  • Pizza Hut – Stuffed Crust Pizza
  • McDonald’s – McCafé Coffee, McGriddle, Yogurt Parfait, Snack Wraps
  • Cuervo – Tequila product line extensions
  • Wendy’s  – Breakfast Paninis, Wraps, Entrée Salads, Value Menu
  • KFC – Famous Bowls, Snackers, Wings
  • Denny’s – Build-Your-Own Grand Slam, $2/4/6/8 Menu
  • Walmart – Private label products


Anne offers finely honed research methodologies, particularly in sensory work.

  • Anne implements strategic qualitative and quantitative research studies for leading Fortune 500 firms.
  • She sets up commercial kitchen taste tests from Pittsburgh to Podunk.


Asking participants what they think is easy. It is hard to analyze feedback and create real world solutions – that is Anne’s art.

  • Anne uncovers valuable insights.  She recognizes patterns and sees the “big picture”,
    whether interviewing 1 person in an IDI, 6 people in a focus group, 20 people in a dial session, 30 participants on-line, or 100 participants in a CLT.
  • She digs deep to unearth consumer motivations and matches their perceived benefits with motivations to provide a robust list of action-oriented recommendations.


Warm, friendly, and patient, Anne connects with all demos and types, from children to seniors and from analysts to CMO’s.

  • A good listener and multi-level thinker, she is respectful to her respondents while extracting deep-seated relevant responses.


Anne builds long-term client relationships by providing excellent outputs.

  • Her longevity at firms like McDonald’s (15 years), Denny’s (6 years), and KFC (8 years) prove her worth.
  • Her clients take her along as a supplier when they change jobs, e.g., Pizza Hut →Long John Silver’s →McDonald’s →Quiznos.
  • After evaluating your project needs, Anne has a virtual network of professionals who support her, always under her direction so your project is carefully tended.


Anne is a professional writer and speaker, which is apparent in her aesthetic and insightful reports.

  • Anne has published The Marketer’s Guide to Media Vehicles, Methods, and Options.
  • She is a guest speaker at new product development conferences.
  • She lays out visually comprehensive PowerPoint reports thanks to her art degree.